Geotechnical Applications

Annular Fills

Annular Fills / Tunnel BackfillCellular lightweight concrete produced with the Aerix product line of foam liquid concentrates is an ideal solution for annular and tunnel backfill. The cellular concrete material is lightweight and highly flowable, allowing the material to completely fill annular space and to be easily pumped long distances at low pressures. The lightweight material has a reduced potential to float the pipe or damage the liner for sliplining. Strength and density of the cellular concrete can be customized to meet project requirements, and the material has a shrinkage of less than 0.3%. Using cellular concrete to fill annular space can accommodate any diameter pipe, and installation is quick, easy, and environmentally safe.

Bridge Approach & Landslip Repair

Cellular lightweight concrete produced with the Aerix family of foam liquid concentrates is ideal for the construction or rehabilitation of bridge approaches. Using this material as a permanent sub-base reduces the load on the bridge approach. The ease of placement, durability and longevity of the material makes it a great alternative to compacted soil or other traditional construction methods.
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Fill for Underground Tanks & Pipelines

Using cellular lightweight concrete produced by the Aerix family of foaming agents to fill large void spaces such as abandoned tanks, pipelines or mines offers significant advantages. Cellular concrete is very fluid and nearly self-leveling. It can be placed by gravity or pumped under pressure. Little or no segregation occurs during lateral flow and entrapped gasses will escape through the material during placement.

Sub-Grade Modification

Using cellular concrete produced with the Aerix family of foam liquid concentrates is fitting for subgrade modification when existing soils are undesirable for construction. As an alternative to over excavating and replacing poor soils with better soil, a layer of cellular lightweight concrete placed over the poor soils will reduce vertical deadloads, and increase bearing capacity and stability with the addition of minimal weight. The layer of cellular concrete also reduces settlement potential, improves stability in seismic areas, and provides insulating qualities.

Retaining Wall Backfills

Cellular lightweight concrete produced with the Aerix family of foam liquid concentrates is an ideal alternative for backfill behind retaining walls. Placing cellular concrete behind a retaining wall will reduce the lateral load on the wall compared to alternative backfill materials. The ease of placement of this fluid material will increase lift heights and reduce schedule impacts. The backfill can be engineered for desired permeability, the cellular concrete can be produced with our AERLITE family of products or our AQUAERiX product which will produce a permeable cellular concrete that can allow for water to pass through the backfill behind the wall when the application requires drainage. The reduction of lateral loads and placement heights allow for the design engineers to be more aggressive while maintaining a satisfactory factor of safety.

Tremie Applications

The fluidity of cellular lightweight concrete produced with the Aerix family of foam liquid concentrates makes it favorable for tremie applications.Concrete mixtures with less than 100 lbs of cement per cubic yard can be placed successfully in a tremie application.